My Recent Kindle Purchase

I love to read as the title of this blog would suggest. I have a lot of fiction books at home to the point where my bookshelves are getting full. I also have a lot books through my kindle app. Though I prefer an actual physical book, having digital e-books that show up via my Kindle app both on my Phone and Ipod.

I am subscribed to a couple of different websites that allow me to purchase free e-books. Today I purchased two.

The first one is called Literally Dead. There are three reasons why this book caught my eye. The title, the fact it is a mystery, and the description. Here is the description and cover picture.


To solve or not to solve?

When a visiting professor is found dead, English major Pepper Brooks is caught in the middle of the investigation. Literally. While the detectives focus on crime scene forensics, Pepper can’t ignore the Shakespearian clues left by the killer.
With the help of a handsome library clerk, a dog named Hamburger, and The Bard himself, this unlikely sleuth might just close the book on this case.

If you anything about me, you will know why this description caught my attention. If not, I will let you know in on a little secret. I have a BA in English literature and I am a huge fan of Shakespeare.

If you love Shakespeare too, here is the link where you can download it for free: Literally Dead

My second purchase is a book on how to write a novel and get it published. The book is written by Book Publishing for Authors: How to Write, Publish, and Market your book to a #1 bestseller in the Next 90 days by Paul Brodie. If you are interested, here is the link to amazon: link.

Do you prefer e-books or physical books? Or both? Let me know in the comments below.



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