A Britonian Series Part 1: Naming the Main Characters

An author friend of mine who also loves all things British came up with a unique phrase to describe her contemporary series that involves an American and an Englishman. She calls it Britallachian because she is from the Appalachian mountains. To learn more about her you can visit her on her website here. This gave me an idea for my own series.

Britonian comes from two different names: Britain and Boston. Britain because my main character is a HUGE Anglophile and because she is from Boston MA.

As the title of this post suggests, this will give you a chance to help me name the main character. Down below you will find a photo of name choices. The character’s last name is Scott. You will also find a poll with all the possible names which you can vote for. You can also vote by commenting on this post.

You can also post in the comments your own favorite female name. Who knows I might love it too and pick it! Bear in mind that I do already have an idea for the main character’s name. The main character’s name will be announced on Monday, May 15th.

Doesn’t this sound like fun? I sure think it does! SO PLEASE play along with me!

PS. I know I just posted yesterday but I figured I would make up for my absence by doing another one.



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